SOCOM Confrontation servers were shut down back in 2014 and ever since then, I’ve been CRAVING that old SOCOM gameplay that SONY just isn’t providing. Thanks to the team at SAVE CONFRONTATION, the server has been revived and can be played RIGHT NOW on your PS3! The following tutorial is how to be able to play SOCOM Confrontation on a PS3 (Or Emulator) in 2021!

If you want to join the SAVE Confrontation Discord, you can do so here:


All you really need to do is change your DNS Settings within your PS3.
1. On your PS3 XMB, navigate to Settings and then choose Network Settings

2. Select Internet Connection Settings to modify the network

3. Choose Custom

4. Choose the connection type you are already using (If you are on a wired connection, choose Wired Connection)

5. When prompted for your IP Address Settings, select Automatic

6. When prompted to Set the DHCP host name, select Do Not Set

7. When prompted for DNS Settings, select Manual

8. In order for this to work, you need to enter in the first field. Enter in the second field (This is to ensure you can still access the internet, Playstation Network etc)

9. When prompted for your MTU Settings, select Automatic

10. When prompted for the use of a Proxy Server, select Do Not Use

11. When prompted for UPnP, select Enable

You should now have access to the SOCOM Confrontation Revival Server, as well as still be able to access your PSN and Internet!