Blackfoot Studios has announced today that Microprose, Publishers of XCOM, Warfare 1944 and other games has joined them as a Publishing powerhouse for Ground Branch, the premiere PC Tactical Shooter currently in Early Access on Steam.

Blackfoot Studios is very positive about this, stating “We’ve had plenty of rough patches over the years, and MicroProse brings us some much-needed stability as development continues in earnest towards v1.0. The MicroProse crew will also be handling a good chunk of the marketing and helping us extend our reach not only to their established community, but also to new audiences out there. That means expanding the player base, generating more funding for development, and getting to where we want to be a little faster.”

This is huge news for fans of Ground Branch and the Tactical Genre as a whole, as this is another step towards legitimizing this genre. Last month, Team17 announced their partnership with Void Interactive to publish and market Ready or Not, another Tactical FPS in development. There can only be good things coming for both of these titles! For the full blog, click here

We also got a look at a new map coming to Ground Branch, with a gallery linked here