Ghost Recon: Breakpoints “Ghost Experience” Immersive Settings & Realistic Graphics Mod

When Ghost Recon: Breakpoint released in 2019, it was met with mixed responses from tactical gamers due to the inclusion of things like Gear Levels and intrusive drones patrols that made the game feel like a chore. I’m here to show you the way and give insight into some immersive settings for the game that make it a lot more enjoyable to play for hardcore enthusiasts, but still has the features you need to enjoy playing through the campaign missions. I will also link to a Realistic Reshade Preset that makes the game look a lot less washed out and more like a Next-Gen AAA title.                                              This is a test post under an image in italics    

So firstly, the Immersive settings I use for a nice balance between realism and game function are shown below!